LSD CBD Hemp Flower


LSD CBD Flower
LSD CBD Flower

LSD CBD Flower by the gram or eighth.  This is the highest quality CBD hemp flower, and is 100% legal via the 2018 US Farm Bill

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Ever heard of L.S.D? No; not the stuff hippies “drop” that comes on a blotter or gelatin. I mean the marijuana strain. This is an absolute classic. Originally bred by legendary Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam, the THC version of this was Skunk#1 crossed with Mazar-I-Sharif, a particularly narcotic-feeling Afghani landrace type.

This is actually a lot like Super Skunk, which is Skunk #1 X Afghani, though SS and LSD each have a distinctly different Afghn parent. Ever meet two people from the same region? Some are tall, others short, some are heavy, others thin. Funny. Unfunny. You get the idea. The are significant differences in taste and smell between LSD and Super Skunk, LSD being less skunky. Effects, too! These 100% LEGAL (Under 2018 Farm bill) Hemp boasts flowers are smallish but pack a giant punch. Crystally as can be! Great in a bowl or papers, or even vaped. Great for blending with THC products (in legal states where available-we do NOT advise smoking black market cannabis!)

Strong and long-lasting, 100% amazingly positive effects. Amazing body buzz, though this is the non-psychoactive CBD (legal) version of this strain. Very euphoric and almost hypnotic, like a big cup of Kava-Kava, if you’ve ever been to Hawaii! Followed by a cup of Italian espresso! Relaxed AND alert. The genotype for the original THC version of LSD is ~60% Skunk, ~15% landrace, ~5% CBD, and ~20% OG Kush. Of course, thr CBD version has a higher percentage of CBD genetics. The strains with the highest homology are MCOG, Kealia Kush, and MK Ultra. Not Super Skunk, as you may have thought. Arrives with full documentation, with cannabinoid profile for 2018 Farm Bill compliance. One of the rarer strains you don’t see that frequently, this is 100% top-shelf CBD flower. Organically grown indoors (legally) under lights in the Mid-west by our good friends, 30-year master grower and strain conneusoir.


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