ChemDawg OG CBD Hemp Flower


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Chemdawg CBD Hemp Flower
Chemdawg CBD Hemp Flower

Chemdawg CBD hemp flower is just as much a mystery as the original THC strain after which it’s named.  The original Chemdawg was grown from a seed in a bag of what was known as “dogbud’ purchased at a Grateful Dead show in Deer Creek, Indiana, in 1991.

THC marijuana Chemdawg has been bred and cross-bred repeatedly with CBD hemp to keep the flavor and look, but with none of the THC, delivering a product that is familiar, but totally legal and without the disorienting and dizzying “high.”

Chemdawg gave rise to the popular Sour Diesel, one of the world’s top strains, as well as OG Kush. Like it’s descendants, Chemdawg reeks of fuel and diesel, as well as pine. A lot of sulfur in this skunky one!  Has a “cat pee” undertone so many love. All the lovely deep musky terps and none of the panic!

100% organic, greenhouse grown. Sativa-dominant phenotype.

$10 per gram, $29 1/8th, $52 1/4. Gram, eighth, and quarter ounce  sizes ONLY.

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Gram, Eighth, Quarter


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