Durban Poison CBD Hemp Flower


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Durban Poison CBD Hemp Flower
Durban Poison CBD Hemp Flower

Durban Poison CBD hemp flower is a new varietal based on an old worldwide favorite. This flower was bred from THC Durban marijuana  back-crossed with a CBD hemp variety, until the THC was virtually undetectable.

Durban Poison is actually a South African Sativa landrace with with sweet and spicy anise scent, with undertones of cat pee. Unlike most of today’s hybrids, this purebred strain has a feel and character all its own. Rich aroma, with a lot of subtleties.

This is a greenhouse offering. Therefore, it’s priced lower than some of our other hemp flower. However, don’t be fooled: It’s every bit the fire that our more expensive hemp flowers are.

Great for consumers who want to create blends with more expensive hemp flower to save on cash, or may not have the funds available for an entire ounce  our indoor strains, which of course, are more pricey.

Some people prefer cannabis grown under the sun to anything else. It’s true that solar radiation and indoor lights are nothing the same, and there is a subset of people who feel that outdoor and greenhouse-grown hemp is always going to be better.

Durban Poison CBD Hemp Flower, Hand Harvested and trimmed. Greenhouse-grown. Organic. This is about the most mature bud we have. The trichomes are riiiipe!

$20/gram, $55/eighth


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Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half, Ounce


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