What is CBD?

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a cannabinoid, a class of naturally occurring substances produced in hemp flower calyxes. The trichomes studding the calaxyes resemble extremely tiny mushrooms, with a stalk and a cap.

Within the caps we find an oily substance, comprised of cannabinoids and terpenes. Terpenes are highly aromatic substances that lend different types of cannabis distinct aromas, from skunk to oranges, from grapes to strawberries.

CBD is not a drug, nor is it psychoactive. 

What is hemp?

Hemp is a form of Cannabis sativa, a plant found in nearly every culture, traditionally grown for its seeds and fiber. Hemp seeds are incredibly nutritious, containing all essential amino acids, making hemp protein a complete protein.

Hemp seeds also contain  the vital EFAs (essential fatty acids), omega-3 and omega-6. Gamma-linoleic Acid, or GLA, is also found in hemp seeds, a rare fatty acid found in only a few plants. Hemp seeds can be used as animal feed or even for human consumption.

The hemp plant’s fibrous stalks can also be used to make paper, textiles, jewelry, canvas, rope, insulation, and building materials like “hempcrete”, plaster, and even beams. Plastic and biofuel can also be made from hemp. Some say it’s an often overlooked (key)  component of a sustainable green future. This is how we at Chillaxd feel.

What is CBD hemp flower?

CBD hemp flower refers to the dried and cured flowering tops of Cannabis sativa hemp. Female hemp plants produce flowers along their branches.

These flowers are removed from the plant to dry, later trimmed to remove leaves. Then, the flowers cure over time, a process that smooths out the flavor.

Hemp flower buds are covered in oily trichomes and usually have a strong aroma. The flowers may appear in a variety of hues, including red, yellow, blue, green, brown, purple, tan. The stigmas also vary in color. Often, the flowers are covered in what looks to be sugar crystals, appearing to have been literally dipped. These are the trichomes that hold all that CBD and terpene goodness!

Is CBD and hemp legal?

Yes; the 2018 Farm Bill makes CBD and hemp products legal. The level of THC must be only a trace, below .3%, and every product must be tested by a DEA-approved lab and have a Certificate of Authenticity stating that the products are within legal limits before being available for sale.

THC is the phytocannabinoid present in drug-variety Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica that provides a “high,” strong psychotropic effects that alter perception and cognition.

Typical boutique-grade drug-marijuana contains around 25% THC. By comparison, the .3% level of THC permissible in hemp products represents a fraction of that amount and is not nearly sufficient to create the disorienting effects associated with drug-marijuana.

Is all cannabis legal, then?

No. Marijuana, and THC, are not legal under Federal Law. That is not what we sell. Those are other kinds of cannabis, besides the legal hemp and CBD. Chillaxd does NOT condone illegal drug use. We suggest staying away from all that, as it’s loaded with Eagle20, solvents, pesticides, and other fungicides, and cannot possibly be good for your health!

If you’re not in a state where it’s legal, you’d be safer avoiding black market drugs.

What’s CBD and hemp flower good for?

We can’t really say; so sorry! There are strict rules about what CBD merchants are permitted to say, as even statements of fact, or real anecdotes, have been used by the FDA to claim that a business was marketing a substance as a drug. And so, all we can legally say is that CBD has not been evaluated by the FDA, while hemp seed has been recognized as a GRAS ingredient.  Thus, CBD cannot be used to treat or cure any disease, while hemp seeds and oils extracted from them can be used as a food ingredient.

Many people like CBD; some people swear by it. And, every year CBD grows in popularity, due to mostly anecdotal word-of-mouth promotions.

We suggest that you undertake your own research of anecdotal accounts, health studies, and articles,  and see what people, from consumers to “experts” to doctors,  are saying. CBD is NOT presently classified by the FDA, as either a drug, a dietary supplement, or as a GRAS ingredient, as several clinical studies are underway as to the effects of CBD.

In order for these clinical trials to produce a patentable drug, any ingredient being researched cannot be sold as a dietary supplement unless they were being marketed before 1994.  This is a bit of a gray area, as CBD products are legally available and can be sold, but are not defined by the FDA, according to their FAQ’s about the topic.

There are also a few approved pharmaceutical drugs which contain CBD as active ingredient (such as Epidiolex for treatment of seizures associated with Lennox-Gaustant syndrome or Dravet syndrome) . However, all of the CBD products for sale on this site are in compliance with the 2018 Farm Bill, as well as other applicable laws and statutes, and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How do you use hemp and CBD?

Again, we really can’t say. You can use the CBD and hemp for YOUR OWN PERSONAL biohacking research. Start a journal and see if hemp benefits you, then share your anecdotal research results. You can make a tea. You can make a poultice. You can make a smoothie and put some in. You can feed it to your worms in your compost bin. You can blend it into your skin lotion. You can do anything you want to with it, really. It’s just not for us to say.

Does it get you high?

No. Unlike THC and marijuana, our products cannot get you high. (Not even a little bit!)

Then what’s the point?

Some people like our products, and enjoy them, even without the high. Read CBD hemp anecdotes online and see what people are saying.

Does the CBD flower look like real marijuana?

Yes; it looks identical. And yet, it is completely different, chemically.

How does the hemp flower smell?

Hemp flowers smell like familiar cannabis strains. Terpenes are what makes all cannabis odoriferous. Different terpenes profiles are responsible for different scents and flavors of cannabis.

Each type of CBD hemp flower smells very different, owing to the distinctly different terpene profile of various natural scent chemicals  in each. These same terpenes found in CBD hemp flower are found in many other fruits and spices.

Could I get arrested smoking CBD buds?

Conceivably. You’d have to prove it’s not marijuana. In court. After being arrested.

A better choice is, if you’re planning to consume CBD, don’t do so in public where it can be mistaken for drug cannabis.

Don’t try to be cute and smoke or vape CBD hemp flower where others will think it’s drug marihuana. That’s just foolish. Chillaxd takes no responsibility for your irresponsible choices!

What is CBD isolate?

This is pure CBD powder. 99.9% CBD, no fillers. Lab tested for purity. Our product has NO impurities.

How do I use this?

It’s really not our place to recommend, but remember: it doesn’t get you high, so don’t be disappointed if you’re ordering any of our products expecting something more. It is what it is.

Why is your brand called Chillaxd?

The top definition on Urban Dictionary is “A mixture between the terms “chill out” and “relax”.” Usage: I feel real real chillaxd!

Why did you choose this name for your CBD and hemp products?

We liked it. Plus, it sounds cool.

Where do you source your CBD and hemp from?

We have a relationship with a few master growers and associated testing labs. You won’t find any CBD products out there that are better than what we offer. We are sure of this.

Why are some kids of CBD hemp flower priced differently than others on your web site and app?

Some are better than others: Some are greenhouse grown, others are indoor. Still others are outdoor-grown. You basically get what you pay for. Rarer varieties will, of course, cost more. Scarcity is of consideration here.

But don’t be fooled: If we carry a strain, it’s good. Just because it’s greenhouse-grown or outdoor does NOT mean it’s poor quality! Remember that not everyone likes the same type of CBD hemp flower. Read and research before buying.

Will I pass a drug test if I consume CBD or hemp flower?

We have no idea. If you are being drug tested, even eating hemp seeds can show a false positive, so I’d guess you should avoid our products, in that case. While CBD and THC are totally different chemicals, we cannot vouch for the accuracy of any drug testing procedure you may encounter.

Should a pregnant woman avoid hemp and CBD?

Probably. There’s isn’t enough research to prove it’s a safe practice. Consult with your medical professional.

How do you ship?

Chillaxd ships USPS, mailing your purchases in plain packages. CBD products are legal and may be shipped to you in this manner.

Why doesn’t Chillaxd have more interesting packaging?

We choose to focus on sourcing incredible hemp and CBD products, instead. Using plain packaging also keeps your costs down. You’re paying for the highest-quality hemp products, not fancy packaging.

What we sell is better than most CBD hemp out there. If you want incredibly cool packaging with “meh” CBD hemp inside, shop elsewhere! Such products are superabundant online, the rule rather than the exception.

Don’t you know that there are tons of sellers out there focusing on brand and packaging, and most of them sell CBD products that are sub-par? But…but…the packaging is sooo nice! It’s just a scam, in most cases, or “savvy marketing strategy” to some.

Can’t I just get my CBD by eating hemp seeds or using hemp seed oil as a supplemental food ?

No; hemp seeds, while rich in EFAs, do not contain CBD.

How much CBD isolate should I use?

Experiment to find out. Starting with less and working your way up is the best plan. Consult with your medical professional, if necessary.

What happens if I have too much CBD?

CBD is nontoxic and cannot cause death or injury. However, higher doses may induce drowsiness. Therefore, consider this before driving or operating heavy machinery.

Are there any contraindications for CBD?

If you’re currently under a doctor’s care for any condition, you will definitely want to check with your health care provider for their opinion, especially if you’re presently taking prescription medications.

Is there a list of conditions CBD treats?

No; but do look online, as there are a plethora of studies suggesting (not proving!)  efficacy for various conditions.