Grape Ape CBD Hemp Flower


Grape Ape Hemp Flower
Grape Ape Hemp Flower

High quality Grape Ape CBD Hemp Flower.  100% legal as per the 2018 US Farm Bill.  COA included, standard and priority shipping available.

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Grape Ape CBD Flower
Grape Ape CBD Flower

Grape Ape is a classic Indica cannabis strain. But its effects are unique. This is still true even with the CBD variety. For those that know the THC version of this strain, it’s usually something they hold near and dear. Nothing like what you’re used to! Deeply relaxing, like a cup of chamomile tea. Good for anxiety. Feel snug as a bug in a rug. Great for meditation, watching a movie, relaxing DURING work, or soothing evenings.

Strong effects, but not psychoactive like THC. Totally clear head, body buzz, total relaxation! Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani are the lineage of the THC version of Grape Ape. This is LEGAL (Under 2018 Farm bill) Hemp flower, created by repeatedly crossing and back-crossing Grape Ape and a CBD plant, until the THC was within legal limits.

By all appearances, it IS the classic Grape Ape. Perfectly slow cured, this smokes smooth. Orange hairs, purplish bud leaves and calyxes. This is mature (legal) bud, with all the trichomes fully formed. No immature flower, ever. The scent is just like the THC version of Grape Ape; described as “grapey,” but I’ve always thought more of a deep skunky and peppery weirdness, unlike anything else I’ve smelled.

Anyone who’s smoked the real Grape Ape knows what I mean. These buds are loaded with white trichomes, of the type common to Grape Ape, if you know (and love) the strain. Use as a replacement for weed. Or mix with your weed for crazy synergy. This can be smoked in a bowl or rolled in papers. Eated. Put in a blender. Vaping these buds is worth it, owing to the incredible terpenes. The genotype for (the original THC version of) Green Crack is ~25% Skunk, ~50% Hemp, ~3% berry, and ~15% landrace, and ~7% CBD genetics. Arrives with full documentation, with cannabinoid profile for 2018 Farm Bill compliance.

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