Banana Kush CBD Hemp Flower Buds (Top Shelf)


Definitely crystally as #*&@ and a terpene profile to remember, Banana Kush doesn’t actually smell so much of bananas as it reeks of fine, skunky cannabis with overtones of fruit, bananas, and spice. If only this aroma was in a bottle! Would be a great addition on anyone’s aromatheray kit! Open the bag and take a whiff. Ahhhh….

Of course, this cross of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze has a complex lineage, and so it’s no surprise that its bouquet is likewise complex with notes of skunk and fuel, fresh bananas and sugar, peppercorns, and some citrus thrown in for good measure. A masterpiece, for sure.

Large lime green flowers that are manicured a bit more loosely than our other offerings, but you won’t complain, as there are crystals EVERYWHERE, on every bit of plant matter. Crystals underneath. Crystals on every surface. Definitely one of the more resinous CBD hemp strains out there. Sticky AF!

Yet another strain that Kush aficionados will relish. (In this case, so will skunk lovers.) This will be a strain you save for a great day, always wanting to make sure you have just a little bit left. It’s that good.

Completely legal, lab-tested, and well under the 2018 Farm Bill mandate of .3% THC. This is the CBD hemp version of the famous THC-bearing strain, and so the THC has been bred out of this cultivar.

Indoor cultivated, hand trimmed. Organically grown by master cannabis grower in Colorado.

Only available by the gram

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in



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