Grape Ape CBD Hemp Flower


Orgean Grape Ape CBD Hemp Flower.  100% legal as per the 2018 US Farm Bill.  COA with lab results included.  Standard and priority shipping available.

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Grape Ape CBD Hemp Flower II
Grape Ape CBD Hemp Flower II

Grape Ape CBD Hemp Flower from growers in Oregon.  Indoor grown. Nearly 17% CBD. Hand-trimmed.

100% organic. This is from a different grower than our other Grape Ape offering.

This particular variety has a more grapey scent, and is a darker purple, than our Colorado Grape Ape.

While both are very pungent, this variety of Grape Ape CBD flower is more a “cat pee” and “photo film” scent, while our other strain is more traditional Skunk #1. Which is truer to Grape Ape, the legendary THC strain?

We’d have to agree that this one gets the scent right-on. However, our Colorado strain is stickier.

Both are incredible; both are very different.


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